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Indonesia seeks death penalty for JAD leader Aman Abdurrahman

Posted by On 10:25 AM

Indonesia seeks death penalty for JAD leader Aman Abdurrahman


Jakarta: Indonesian prosecutors have demanded the death penalty for radical Islamic cleric Aman Abdurrahman following a wave of attacks by Islamic State-inspired militants known as JAD.

The cleric, also known as Oman Rochman, who the United States designated a terrorist, is considered JAD's de facto leader. JAD or JAT, Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid, is a splinter cell of the group Jemaah Islamiyah.

Indonesian militant Oman Rohman, popularly known as Aman Abdurrahman, sits on the defendant's chair during his trial.

Photo: AP

Police deployed more than 100 officers from elite counter-terrorism and paramilitary units to guard his trial at the South Jakarta District Court on Friday along with numerous plainclothes police.

Abdurrahman is accused of being the key ideologue for IS militants in Indonesia and ordering terror attacks, including a suicide bombing in Jakarta that killed four civilians in 2016.

Prosecutor Mayasari, known only by one name, told the court Aman had told his supporters to move to Syria, saying he told followers "if you cannot, carry out jihad in this county, if you still cannot do that do donate your wealth [for jihad], or encourage others to jihad."


"In November 2015, JAD held a national meeting in Malang [East Java] under the cover of herbal medicine [Conference] attended by around 30 members. They held a video call with the defendant. The defendant called for participants to unify thinking on the caliphate," Mayasari told the court. Aman Abdurrahman was in Nusakambangan penal island at the time.

Aman Abdurrahman is escorted by police officers into court on Friday.

Photo: AP

She said Aman was "against the unitary state of Indonesia " and the "motivator" for terror acts that have caused deaths including of children".

Another prosecutor, Anita Dewayani, said: "the defendant is legally and convincingly guilty and we demand the panel of judges to impose death sentence."

Aman is on trial for five Indonesia terror cases. In addition to the 2016 Jakarta bombing, he is accused of masterminding a bus terminal bombing in Kampung Melayu, a church bombing that killed one child and burnt several in Samarinda, the stabbing of a police officer in Medan and the shooting of a police officer in Bima, all in 2017.

Next the court will hear form the defence on May 25.

The South Jakarta district court only held one hearing on Friday, all others were postponed.

Hundreds of police personnel guarded the venue. Nobody except courthouse employees were allowed to enter court compound and accredited journalists.

Suicide bombings killed 26 people, including 13 attackers in S urabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, last Sunday and Monday. Two families carried out those attacks, using children as young as 7.

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